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[disjointed] The "black hole" effect

Sorry for not updating this thing in 2 months, annoying things are getting harder to come by. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

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This annoying effect only alters the "Disjointed" style (which I made... yes I know there are no friends icons :P) and exploits the way that errors in CSS are handled in some browsers.

The trick is in setting your custom colors, all you have to do is not put in the "#" sign before the hexidecimal color code for weak accent eg. if your weak accent code is #909090 it will become 909090, simple no? This will make the browser not reallise that it's a color code and assume it's a pixel width for the borders of the entry boxes.

but what does this all mean? what does it do?
well quite simply, the page will stretch to oblivion and appear to be just one solid block of color. If you explore enough you will find little boxes of text scattered around the derilict wasteland that is your journal.

A simple change and a wonderful way to really piss off and confuse any visitor of your journal.
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