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annoyingjournal's Journal

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Annoying Journal
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Hello there, welcome to Livejournal's very own "how to make my journal as annoying as possible?" page.

This is where we will detail how to do such overridey as:

  • make your entire journal blink (not IE)
  • make your entrie journal one giant marquee (paid IE users only)
  • moving backgrounds
  • irritating looped background music
  • ultra-thin tables

    and such journal antry type things as:
  • neglect of the <lj-cut> tag
  • everybodies favourite - marquee's
  • multiple large images
  • mulitple posting

    and many, many more

    Any suggestions on subjects/topics that should be covered are welcome in the comments section of this user info page:

    ( read comments | post a comment )

    Now Hiring!

    basic wage: the gratification of annoying thousands of people
    beneifts: nil

    skills required: ability to explain things to inept people, knowlege of Livejournal and how it works. basic knowlege of HTML is helpful but not required
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